Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2012

A nostalgic look at childhood NCA graduate, display at an exhibition at the Chawkandi Art Gallery,



If an artist deftly manages to capture the life of inanimate objects with her brush, the objects come alive – literally.

And when they glow on the canvas with all their subtleties, from the overlooked natural curves of the pieces to the impressions of light and shades working their magic on them, the artworks seize to be simple stand-alone pieces; they portray something deeper – something more profound.

Each piece speaks of the artist. Each one cries out of the mood eternally ossified and framed: the hours she might have spent on extracting a long-forgotten thread from an unknown cranny of her memory and worked tirelessly to put a glimpse of it on the paper. A morsel of thought cleverly flinched from the flash of the past.

It took Sana Obaid, a NCA graduate, seven months to complete the Gouache-on-Wasli pieces on display at an exhibition at the Chawkandi Art Gallery, which opened on Tuesday.View the original article here

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