Published On: Sat, Sep 22nd, 2012

Dekhi Andekhi opens at Koel Gallery

KARACHI, Sept 20: For any artist, the difficulty with trying to draw the lives of those who appear to be disenfranchised for whatever reason is that there has to be an element of verisimilitude in their effort. Empathy and sympathy are not the only two important factors. It has to be felt that the artist knows about their existence inside-out. An exhibition of the latest works of Masood A. Khan titled ‘Dekhi Andekhi’ opened at the Koel art gallery on Thursday. It is quite impressive how the artist has been able to depict his subjects in a true-to-life manner without being preachy about it.

The marked feature of Khan’s artworks is the softness with which he has dealt with some important subjects. Throughout his artworks he has kept a misty feel to them, which serves in two ways.View the original article here

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