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HSC part-II commerce group (regular) results 2012 karachi board: Boys clinch top positions

KARACHI, Sept 27: Sixteen students took top 10 positions in the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK), Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC), part-II commerce group (regular) annual examinations as six of them got identical numbers in the exams.

All the top three A-1 position holder students were boys and belonged to the Institute of Business Education.

Ahsan Amin got the first position with 922 marks out of the total 1,100 marks and his percentage remained 83.81.

Kumail Hussain clinched the second position with 917 marks and his percentage was 83.36 while Mohammad Hasnain stood third with 904 marks and his percentage remained 82.18.

Meanwhile, due to getting identical marks there were two fourth position holder students, two sixth position holders, three eighth position holders and three ninth position holders.

“The top 20 position holders will be awarded a monthly Rs500 scholarship by the board,” said BIEK chairman Prof Anwar Ahmed Zai while speaking to the media at a ceremony organised to introduce the successful candidates to the media at the BIEK head office on Thursday.

Speaking to the journalists, he said that he had observed that now more students were opting for commerce than science.

“It is because with science subjects you are left with a few options, but with commerce you can go in so many directions such as chartered accountancy, business administration, etc,” he said.

“With so many students opting for the discipline of commerce, there is a need to build good commerce faculties in colleges and attention should be paid to raising teaching standards,” he added. Replying to a question about the colleges where students’ results were very poor, he said that the colleges would be taken to task for producing zero, 10 and 20 per cent results. “We have sent a summary on this issue to the Chief Minister’s House. The BIEK could itself have suspended the registration of these colleges, but we are going through the proper channel due to huge number of students involved in this matter. Because if the colleges are closed down, where will these students go?”

Replying to a question about registration of colleges, he said: “A person from the board should also be included in the registration process as then they could give their input about colleges’ inspections and their findings.”

Speaking to the media, Ahsan Amin, who bagged the top position, said that he could have also produced the same results if he had studied at a government institution, provided that he got good teachers there as well.

“I believe that guidance is as important as the student’s will to study hard,” he said. He added that he had never taken any private tuition. Replying to a question about problems he faced during his studies, he said that he missed many college days because of a breakdown of law and order in the city.

About his future plans, Mr Amin said that he would like to go into the field of chartered accountancy.

Kumail Hussain, who came second, said that his biggest hindrance while studying was the electricity loadshedding. About his future plans, he said that he wanted to do business administration.

Mohammad Hasnain, who got the third position, said he also wanted to study chartered accountancy from a private institution.

According to results statistics, out of the 18,410 male candidates who registered for the exams, a total of 18,189 appeared in the exams while 9,191 of them passed the tests.

Of the 14,013 female candidates who registered, 13,885 took the tests and 7,979 of them passed in the exams.

Meanwhile, the BIEK also released the results of the diploma in physical education for 2012 annual examinations for which 22 candidates had registered and appeared in the exams. All the students passed in Grades A, B and C giving a 100 per cent results.

Karachi:27 September: Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) on Wednesday announced that the results of the HSC Part-II of Commerce and physical education Groups for the annual examinations 2012 will be announced on Thursday (today). The position holders’ ceremony will be held at the same time at conference hall of the Board of Intermediate Education.

KARACHI?- After conclusion of the result ceremony, some unidentified people have resorted to straight firing on the building and cars in the premises of the board. A vehicle of a journalist belonging to a local Urdu newspaper was damaged in the course of firing, while police and rangers rushed to crime scene and control the situation. According to eye-witnesses, the miscreants belong to residential area situated behind the premises of the BIEK. However, police and rangers could not arrest any miscreant.

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