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FPW6 Day1 and 2 Pakistan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 karachi Designers showcase

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Cameras flashing, music playing, and attendees dolled up in designer wear; FPW6 Day One was nowhere near short on the glamour and pizzazz one expects from fashion week. However, we wouldn’t say the same for the designs showcased on the runway. Would the Express Tribune team term it a dazzling showcase on Wednesday evening? Sadly, no. While the event itself boasted the fashion glitterati at its best, with designers milling about and high-profile celebrities in attendance, once the seats were taken, some of the showcases failed to put the ‘fashion’ in Fashion Pakistan Week.

HSY  Collection FPW Fashion Pakistan Week 2014-2015 pictures images photos videos

Credit should be given where credit is due, and HSY deserves a round of applause not only for his magnificent opening showcase, but his direction of the entire event. You could hear his voice booming over the speakers, and if you were to look up at the control room, his array of facial expressions and hand movements would definitely make you smile.

A far cry from his Eastern bridal wear, HSY was equally at ease in defining western silhouettes in his Venom Collection. Slow, powerful music set the ambience for the predatory manner in which the models prowled down the runway. Clearly inspired by snakeskin, black and gold were primary colours in his collection, off-set with a surprising pop of ruby red and some startling sequined lace. Each outfit was immaculately crafted. However, expectations were running high  in terms of the casual prêt that HSY would offer, given that the designer had earlier termed Venom as a resort collection, and what we ultimately saw on the ramp consisted primarily of evening wear.

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Aamna Aqeel  Collection FPW Fashion Pakistan Week 2014-2015 pictures images photos videos

Aqeel’s collection, After the Winter, drew mixed reviews. The one thing that was, quite literally, in-your-face were the bedazzled eyebrows. Models walked the ramp with silver rhinestone-studded eyebrows, an edgy beauty choice by Aqeel which elevated the overall look of her collection. While some embellished pieces were startling, most of the digital prints didn’t quite make the intended statement. Overall, with the savvy cuts, and mainly pastel colour scheme, a lot of what was on the runway kept the spirit of Spring/Summer alive and would work as separates.

Shehla Chatoor for Toni , Guy-hair meets wardrobe 

Chatoor’s glamorous outfits are unmistakable. Her name has become almost synonymous with all things gold, so much so that any other designer making a gold dress can easily be mistaken for her. Her showcase for Toni and Guy definitely brought a bit of provocation onto the ramp.

Nida Azwer  Collection FPW Fashion Pakistan Week 2014-2015 pictures images photos videos

By far the best collection of the night, Nida Azwer’s Arabesque had all eyes glued onto the models, who looked ethereal decked out in white and gold. A refreshing change from the western silhouettes which dominated the ramp, Arabesque consisted of primarily Eastern outfits. With white organza, lattice cutwork, embroidery and appliqué abounding, dotted with flashy bits of golden and silver, her collection dominated the runway with its effortless femininity. With this capsule collection it is evident that Azwer’s craft complements her classic sense of style. She dictates those terms well to delight the sensibilities of a fashion centric eye.

The Graduate Show  Collection FPW Fashion Pakistan Week 2014-2015 pictures images photos videos

Even allowing for the fact that the designers showcasing were students, the show would be described as average at best. The inspiration behind the collections was interesting, particularly one where one rising star Raabiya Iftikhaar used military accents such as service caps and medals in order to represent female empowerment. Every showcase was brusque and curt, and while the effort was apparent, the clothes weren’t wearable, or aesthetically pleasing. The students know fashion is about making statement, but it is certainly not about creating a fuss on the ramp. They need to learn to go beyond just experimentation. Fashion is more than just standing out; designers should also focus on wearability.

Adnan Pardesy

Pardesy’s complete romance with gold goota in his Eximius collection showcased white outfits that were classically pure and at the same time fierce, resembling gilded body armour. His charcoal and chocolate outfits were equally brilliant, even if they weren’t reflective of or conducive to summer trends.

Levis  Collection FPW Fashion Pakistan Week 2014-2015 pictures images photos videos

Levis showcased a very casual beachwear collection, with models sporting skateboards, bicycles, backpacks and even bicycles. The branded jeans retailer off-shot its love for casual wear, be it in the form of a top or a pair of worn-out jeans.

Lala Textiles  Collection FPW Fashion Pakistan Week 2014-2015 pictures images photos videos

The textile house took a western spin on lawn, which can never turn out well. Lawn is a fabric that can be easily experimented with in Eastern silhouettes, and likewise be assembled as such. These geometrical prints on Western lines were a good effort, but not entirely well put together. The showcase gave us some food for thought, where is fashion per se in lawn headed? The prints would have stood out beautifully if done well on Eastern cuts.

Zainab Chottani  Collection FPW Fashion Pakistan Week 2014-2015 pictures images photos videos

The well-known bridal designer debuted her prêt wear line, Insta-Glam, which was a major departure from her signature style. She crafted her prêt line with black and white chequered prints off-set with vibrant indigo, deep green and bright orange. Her experimentation with summer trends and breaking away from bridal wear showed that she could make her mark as a successful prêt designer too.

Deepak Perwani Collection FPW Fashion Pakistan Week 2014-2015 pictures images photos videos

Deepak’s resort wear collection really was très chic, keeping in spirit with its title. Black and white stripes and cropped pants, along with vibrant digital prints and tasteful embroidery defined this collection. It was chic, classy and boasted wearable Western silhouettes. The bright star of fashion that he is, Deepak’s breezy collection effortlessly encapsulated the spirit of summer resort wear, and subtly showcased most of the trends of Spring\Summer 2014.

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From fashion forward casual wear to extreme couture; an entire style spectrum was presented on day two of FPW

Setting the fashion agenda, FPW6, Day Two was tinged with genius offerings throughout. Genrous helpings of Turkish art, digital topography prints, vibrantly coloured Eastern wear and slinky gowns, it blew one away. The whole set-up of the show itself was incredibly well managed and contributed towards creating a truly unforgettable Day 2. It was more than a parade of clothes; it was a showcase of talent and passion for fashion
Fahad Hussayn FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection

Fahad Hussayn’s collection, Aristo-Anarchy, was true to its name, done up in pastel, spring-appropriate hues. While some of the outfits were reminiscent of Elie Saab, Fahad’s collection overall was so appealing to the sartorial eye that a trail of joyful chaos was left behind. Editors and buyers were left starry-eyed over this Aristo-Anarchy collection as the last model strutted off, comprising well-tailored cuts, tasteful embellishments, embroidery and digital prints. The collection encapsulated the theme, while retaining Hussayn’s signature on each outfit. Models sported small origami birds on their eye brows. It is good to see styling being paid attention to on the ramp

Jafferjees FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection

With its unmistakable logo, Jafferjees is one of the most recognizable luxury brands in Pakistan. At FPW 6, Jafferjees managed to reiterate itself as the local fashion juggernaut. Opt for black and white leather clutches, purses or hand-carry bags from this collection and you sure will be making a statement. They also showcased coloured messenger bags in geometrical designs.

Sheep FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection

Sheep’s latest collection, Black Sheep, was again an ode to foliage-inspired digital prints. This retail brand expressed that they wish to try something different, and delivered a collection unlike anything they have done before. A break from their cotton collection present in the stores for retail, this ramp friendly ensemble was a pleasant surprise. Mostly in Western cuts, bright hues and embellished with huge feathery motifs, the collection was chic and wearable. Ayaan and Faiza’s walk together, one in an emerald green dress and another in a tangy orange one, was the highlight of the showcase.

Maybelline FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection

Maybelline’s 2014 make-up trends dictate that one can be bold and boisterous this season. Lips can be painted maroon, pink or in nude shades. Light eye make-up or a heavy dose, both will do for the evening. Cheeks can be brown or pink, according to your desire. One can sport long straight hair, wavy curls or even a bob cut for this season, dictates Maybelline. The make-up artist for this particular segment was Raana Khan. Sania Maskatiya and Sublime dressed the stunning Maybelline models in their gorgeous fashion ensembles.

Nauman Arfeen FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection

Nauman Arfeen’s men’s collection, Haute after Dark, had an Eastern flair to it. Sherwanis in rust brown and royal blue were the order of the day. What was noticeable was the chappal culture back in attendance. The models looked dashing as they walked the ramp sporting an earring in one ear. Nauman’s variation in cuts and style for formal wear rather than a Spring collection drew cheers from the crowd.

Gulabo FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection,

Maheen Khan designs to impress. Gulabo’s latest Kolachi Collection was inspired by the maps of Karachi. It was a glamorous tribute of the City of Lights. The collection was bohemian and playful, done up in digital prints on white silken fabrics. The models sported funky statement bags, vibrant straight pants and walked the ramp decked up in the gorgeous topography of Karachi. Maheen Khan put together one of the most creative, and wearable, collections on the runway for the night.

Shamaeel Ansari FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection,

It should come as no surprise that Shamaeel Ansari’s designs serve as an inspiration for fashionistas everywhere. Her Day 2 finale had been one of the most anticipated shows at FPW 6, and the Tughra Collection did not disappoint. Shamaeel put forward with yet another innovative collection. Her collection was regal, and anchored by her love for digital prints and abstract geometric shapes. It took its inspiration from the Royal Turkish regime’s Iznik tiles and ceramics.  It was refreshing to see a whole new design motivation, as opposed to the usual Persian and Kashmiri inspired outfits that Shamaeel creates. With models sporting dresses, gowns and coats, this certainly was a Turkish delight for the fashion eye to witness.

Inaaya FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection,

The first hit to the senses was her unpredictable use of appliqué work, amalgamated with rich colours, stunning cuts and gorgeous prints. The mix of Eastern and Western silhouettes stood out. The collection was all about combining understated glamour with ethnic pride. It incorporated black and white appliqué Rilli work and bright symmetrical prints into precise cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, coats and gowns, in a bid to impress the younger generation of socialites and red carpet walkers.  This minimalistic collection had high-fashion charisma on the menu, with all the markers and guides of luxury that we know, love and embrace. Naushaba Brohi, the designer behind Inaaya, got a much deserved standing ovation as she walked the ramp.

Maheen Karim for Toni , Guy Hair Meets Wardrobe, FPW6 Day 2 Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 2015 collection

Looks like Toni and Guy’s love affair with the slinky long black dress is one that is here to stay. The highlight of Karim’s showcase was show stopper Ayesha Omer walking the ramp with vibrant tomato red streaks in her hair, a stark contrast to the delicate peek-a-boo jumpsuit she wore.

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