Published On: Mon, Jun 24th, 2013

30m internet users in Pakistan, half on mobile: Report Pakistan Market Trends 2013

Pakistan Market Trends 2013: Online, Mobile, Social – Things Are About To Take Off

Did you know that Pakistan is the worlds 6th largest country in terms of population? This look at the market situation and trends in online, mobile and social hints at the tremendous potential Pakistan has. Pakistan has a lot of catching up to do with other Asian countries in terms …

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Key market figures:

  • Population 183 million
  • 70% are under 30 years of age
  • 30 million internet users
  • 36% of population lives in urban areas
  • 120 million mobile subscribers
  • Average income is less than $3000 a year
  • 8 million Facebook users
  • Only 12% have access to formal financial services

Can you spot the potential and opportunities?

Local entrepreneurs have already realised that the time to build new services that cater for the growing online and mobile consumers is now, the map of Pakistan startups is starting to look very interesting. They’re not content with just the local market either.

Dig into the details

There are plenty challenges that Pakistan faces. For anyone interested here’s a selection of topical articles.

87% of mobile money transactions in Pakistan are conducted over-the-counter rather than through an account. It’s like a Western Union wire transfere where the customer hands cash over to a middle man who facilitates the transaction using the mobile network.

Why aren’t Pakistan’s mobile money customers opening accounts?

The biggest obstacle this year [2012] was the inability to finalize the terms for the auction of 3G mobile licenses. Although efforts have been on since 2007, there have been significant delays in the process. In May it was reported that 3G licenses would only be awarded in 2013.

Pakistan: Mobile players in transition

It’s worth noting that 3G mobile license auction has still not been agreed upon but Telenor has announced that it would invest 1 billion USD in Pakistan after they get the 3G spectrum.

Despite the growth of financial services the majority of Pakistanis remain unbanked. According to the Pakistan Access to Finance Survey, only 12 percent of the population has access to formal financial services (A2FS, 2012). Conversely, mobile penetration stands at nearly 70 percent (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, 2013).

Mobile money network targets Pakistan’s unbanked

3 eCommerce Challenges for Pakistan’s Retailers

And lastly, we are social’s report on digital trends in Pakistan was extremely helpful in putting this presentation together.

Shout out to Adam Dawood for all the help and inspiration in putting this presentation together.

Understanding consumer trends in Pakistan

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